Who We Are

Munisupport is a team of experienced current and former local government professionals specializing in building and maintaining local government relations and commercial property security consulting.

Our team specializes in meeting the needs of commercial property owners and third-party property management companies in preparing strategic and meaningful interactions with local government and the protection of commercial real estate assets. Our clients range from entrepreneur commercial property owners to national REIT clients. 

Our Unique Services and Approach

We provide client services in the areas of local governmental relations, and commercial property security consulting. This unique approach starts with a personalized assessment of the center, community, and surroundings, understanding the community's unique vision, challenges, and goals.

Our staff works with clients to identify the challenges and goals for each property to develop a property-specific plan to achieve the goals of our clients. We use a range of techniques and expertise from the private sector and public sector in the development and implementation of these action plans.

Where Our Clients Are Located

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